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Weekly Workshop

on line 

Starting January 18, 2022 @ 12-2pm GMT


     Creative Group                 
           For Actors & Writers


Take your artistic collaboration skills to a whole new level with the ‘creative group brain’ process of ACES (Actualising Characters by Expanding Self-awareness). This is the perfect opportunity to delve deeper into the emotional life of characters you’re developing, discover motivations, story lines and even create a new work from scratch!

This online group is a safe and trusting space for actors and writers to inspire each other and simultaneously develop their own work. Through guided facilitation the groups spontaneity and creativity emerges adding multiple dimensions not only to your work but to everyone else’s work as well.

Admission is through consultation with group facilitator, Alan Powell

Curious? Want more info?
Get in touch with Alan, for a free, no obligation online consultation & get all your questions answered.

*Fees are on a sliding scale – making it affordable no matter your income.



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